She finally did it, she made her site!

She as in me, of course.  I guess I'll make this my first blog post.

I am Monique, though most people know me as Momo (makes things easier for the baristas and ...essentially everyone else).  I finally have come around to making a website!  Welcome!  This is where I will be making updates about me, my products, my art, and maybe some lookbooks (girl has a lot of clothes so let's do this).

I'm two weeks away from returning to what will be my second year of college (excited but eek!), so I really hope I can have this site up and running before then.  I am just excited to have my stickers go airborne and into several homes.  I love looking at them and they're so precious -they're my babies.  I hope you all will enjoy them too!

Again, welcome to my website!

Monique Le